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Mr. C.M. Chung Mr. C.M. Chung
(Chung Ching Ming)

This Hong Kong breeder exported the first Shar-Pei to the United States. His kennel prefix is "Jones". He was also the mentor to Matgo Law. When the word Macao is given as a dog's origin it is safe to say this was a Mr. Chung selection as he diligently searched the Macao region to extract the last specimens in existence. Mr. Chung's dogs are responsible for the blood lines that exist today.
Matgo Law Matgo Law
Down-Home Kennels

No Matgo Law.... No Chinese Shar-Pei. Mr. Law appealed to the world in 1973 to help rescue this beautiful breed. The world responded and he followed through. His accomplishments and contributions are monumental and yet they were made while in his early 30's. The Down-Home's dogs are listed in virtually every pedigree of every Chinese Shar-Pei in existence, today and in the past. His knowledge has impacted the breed direction and his record will most likely never be equaled.
Ernest Albright Ernest Albright
Ho Wun Kennels

Mr. Albright, along with his wife Madeline, were one of the pioneers of the Chinese Shar-Pei in America. Upon his retirement in 1968 he answered Matgo Law's appeal for help and received some of the first dogs imported into the US. He waged a publicity campaign to bring this breed, in need of help, to the attention of a curios public. With TV appearances, movie roles for his dogs, magazine and newspaper article submissions he continued the publicity Matgo Law started. He further helped launch the premier Shar-Pei Organization, The Original Chinese Shar-Pei Club of America, serving as it's first President. You would have a rare Shar-Pei indeed if the pedigree did not have an "Albright" dog in it's ancestry.
Lois Alexander Lois E. Alexander

Lois Alexander of San Luis Obispo, CA, received the third import from Down-Homes Kennels when she received Down-Homes Little Pea on October 21, 1973. Mrs. Alexander was a prominent figure in the formation of the Original CSPCA and Little Pea is an ancestor in practically every Shar-Pei in existence in the Western World.
Dr. Jeff Vidt Dr. Jeff Vidt

If you are surprised to see a color photo it is because Dr. Vidt is a modern hero. Being a practicing Vet in Sugar Grove, IL. would be enough dedication for most but in his "spare" time he contributes to the CSPCA as National Obedience Advisor in addition to many other clubs, committees and organizations.

It is his website that we are most appreciative of when we watched our 8 week old Shar-Pei go from being a normal puppy to near death on a Sunday afternoon in 2001 in a matter of a few hours. Our vet is 20 miles away and could not be reached and in desperation my sweetheart emailed Dr. Vidt as I told her "This guy is NOT going to write you back.... much less in time".

I have never been so happy to be wrong. His response was immediate and his diagnosis was parvo. Understanding our plight he gave us suggestions for interim care until our vet could be seen the next day. Our vet told us the precautions and measures we took possibly saved our pups life. These suggestions were those of Dr. Vidt.

We do not have a "thank you" that is adequate but it is offered anyway to a caring and giving person. In a day and age of "hit delete" we are (and Honey Bear is) so thankful you did not. You will always remain a hero to us.
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